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Marketing Research

Collecting and analyzing data to understand market dynamics, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and develop effective marketing strategies.

Creative Production

Created over 10,000 designs for many different niches. Our videos have an average conversion rate of over 30%. Video is proven to be great for brand awareness because users remember customers’ products better.

SEO Consultancy

Utilize keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, content strategy, link building, local SEO, SEO audits, and performance monitoring to improve organic search visibility and rankings to meet your goals.

Programmatic Advertising

Our DSP will free you from the complexity of automated vehicle purchasing. We offer complete program purchasing solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Commerce allows you to post affiliate links on your favorite social networks and in your emails. It’s the perfect solution for influencers.


Provide top-notch ecom services to clients by focusing on omni-channel operation and O2O platform optimization.

Comprehensive Intelligent Influencer Tools

At BlueAFF, we recognize that being an influencer involves more than just getting likes and followers; it’s a vital talent that merits appreciation. BlueAFF provides a validated marketplace that matches your individual style with businesses that are in line with your niche and audience, whether you are an established or up-and-coming content creator.

Joining us will give you access to premier brands as well as the resources you need to effectively manage and grow your collaborations. You can find high-impact content, understand your performance, and concentrate your efforts where they are most needed with the help of our user-friendly interface and intuitive analytics. We make sure you receive just compensation for your extraordinary talent and originality by offering a variety of customizable payment models, including CPS, CPC, and CPI.

a remarkable quantity of advertisers. for exceptional revenue.

Content as a business model is key for your target groups, for your readers – and for further growth. With our content business and content monetization platform, we provide you with intelligent and flexible solutions from a single source.

With a large pool of advertisers, coverage in every geographic region, and multiple verticals, Linkdays offers publishers multiple monetization opportunities at competitive prices.

Enjoy Performance You Can Trust

We combine content and commerce and help you as an advertiser increase the reach and performance of your campaigns through our platform with publishers around the world. Safety comes first for us:Prevent fraud, prevent traffic from unwanted sources. We want to deliver performance you can trust as an advertiser.

Through close collaboration with leading publishers and media agencies, we enable the integration of links to products and services directly into the content. As commercial advertising experts, we also focus on users’ actual usage behavior. Our technology and APIs ensure perfect alignment between content and campaigns, real-time optimization of ongoing campaigns, and high ROI.

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